Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Side Trip to Baldwin's

When we left Miss Vicki's on Sunday, it seemed a shame to come straight home so we turned right at the posted Baldwin's Nurseries sign heading for 500 Mines Road, Falmouth, Nova Scotia. This was our first visit so I wasn't sure how long we had to drive or where it was located but the signs were perfectly placed and we didn't get lost)))).

The nursery is tucked away in a peaceful, rural setting along a two lane country road. When we approached the greenhouses, I was delighted to hear the excited voices of children picking out their "very own" plants from the succulent section....good choice moms!!))).

The Shrub and Tree stock was quite strong with a great variety to chose from. I plan to go back for a Ginkgo Biloba and Cornus Kousa "Satomi" if I can provide the right conditions.

My friend C was given some wonderful advice about edible Elderberry from Rob, the owner. (Advice, such as this, is always appreciated when given with earnestness and kindness ....soo appreciated Rob.)

Kid friendly, out in the country, great prices, great selection, great advice.... AND a great way to finish a most lovely and beautiful day.


  1. oh my - a dangerous place I'm sure. I really want to go there - your pics are divine!

  2. Awww, I must tell him you did this--haven't talked to Rob for a few days, tis the season for us all to be so very busy!