Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Beauty of Moscow

Beauty of Moscow...We love this lilac. It is the first to open and the last to say goodbye. The fragrance fills your whole soul with memories....rub on cream scent from Avon for instance))).


Avon calling)))


  1. we transplanted a lilac about three years ago and it still is pissed off and won't flower! I got some lilac at the market and showed it to the bush -'see- this is what we want' but it sniffed and turned its leafy back on me. grrrrr.

  2. Gorgeous!!!!! I'm hoping to add a few lilacs this year.. any suggestions?

  3. My next favorite is Sensation which I would really like to have but don't YET!!...I did a quick google for a description:

    Sensation is the most popular lilac. Has exquisite single, purple flowers. Has deep purple buds that open to a unique flower. It is purple- with a distinct silvery-white border around the edge of the flower. It is fragrant and grows 10' tall and wide. Zone 3-7

    I saw this just a few days ago at the nursery in Chester, grafted to tree stock. It was very expensive and very large, but would be a tremendous focal point. However, I think that misses the point, as wouldn't you think everyone would want lilacs at face height, where you can sniff in their glory!

    I also have two dwarf lilacs and I am partial to them for their tidiness and compact behavior. The best selection I have found for lilacs is at the above nursery. Don't know if they have a catalog online or not.

    If you can Niki...plant your lilacs where the smell can drift in through open windows.mmmmmmm

    Sorry Jan to read your lilac isn't blooming((((. They like a good dose of lime..have you tried that? Seems also to cut down on the leaf miner.