Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Find Your Joy

Spring came to Nova Scotia in one big blowing swoop. Warm windy day after warmish cool day, the weather held.  Here on the South Shore, it nursed the bare ground awake, encouraged blossoms to open, charmed the heart and mind, restored the soul. Although Witch Hazel 'Diane' has been the first star to shine the past few years, it was the native Nova Scotia Daphne that truly stole the show. You only see it in retail nursery shops on occasion and often, expensive but mine was a humbling gift, a multibranched fist of sticks from someone who knew the value of what she was offering. I did not! So every spring, I bless my dear Ms. Vicki, breathe in the deep purple pink Daphne's, sweet modest scent and thank God there are good, dear, kind and thoughtful people in my life. Because, you know, we can sometimes forget their blessings on us and how even if they are far away now, or not with us anymore, the gifts they gave make the difference in a life full of moments.
The bees were captivated and equally grateful to find the blooms. Oh to hear that buzz again after so long. A sound you miss, but don't realize until you hear it again.

Four years ago I was offered another stick...a single rooted branch of something called a Cornus Mas "yours for only five dollars" sold as a fund raiser. Thanks to Ms. Niki this amazing stick has grown into a five foot tree in so short a time, even the giver was amazed. Not only is Cornus Mas covered in deep yellow spring flowers, they will turn into dark red fruit which, if the birds are kind, I will get to try later in the year. If the rabbits stay away from the bark, which they can't seem to do regarding the Witch Hazel... this tree should grow into a beauty.
Then, there is the gift to myself, from the garden. Branches of the Quince Japonica, that tried and true early blooming shrub of all farm houses and quaint gardens are cut and blooming ahead of time, in the kitchen. Our well water must contain something that keeps the blooms very pale as they should be deep pink or orange, but for some reason, they are on the pale side, forced inside. Maybe that is just the way it is and no fault of the water at all. But oh the joy, the gift of just being in the same room with blooms to favor your eyes.
So even with a troubled heart, or a worrying soul, there are gifts all around us I suspect, that sometimes, we forget to see. Our eyes can grow dim in beauty, when in fact, every bloom has a story...every tree, every berry. Find your joy, as they say.