Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Optimism of Spring

While it's been a long winter here in Nova Scotia, Canada, I do think...we are experiencing 'the change'. Gosh, that sounds like a menopause statement...but there are comparisons. The move from a time of life to another, although I do not think the drake and his missus below know anything about menopause. While I do!! But they do know, it is time to chose a mate, and to show her around the neighbourhood.
For the last few years, he's brought a significant other to our garden, only at this time of year. I feel he is saying..."well, here's the pond....and you have a nice feast under the bird feeders, quiet neighbourhood. Now, what about making some healthy babies". He is very attentive and very handsome. Actually, this is the first time we've had an amount of water they could paddle in and around the raised beds. Made my day just watching their loving attention to each other and his pride.

Yesterday was full of sunshine; 'let the raking begin'. Bulbs were freed from their leaf layer. Oh what a difference a day makes not just to the garden, but to the heart and the body. Yes, it aches today but in a good way.

I discovered accidentally that broad beans can take an incredible amount of cold if you have a cold frame. Already mine are showing wonderful growth, and the seeds only went in the ground a week or so ago.
I soak them a bit inside, till I just see them sprouting and on the first decent day, tuck them in the raised bed covered with a cold frame top (seen above with ducks), as the soil is usually loose and warm. Still frozen down below though. But those broad beans take like a duck to water. Amazing. Starting them early gives you a head start on avoiding the black aphid that loves them. These are dwarf broad beans so really looking forward to see how they preform.