Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wedding in the Old Country

Sadly, my invitation has not arrived in time to attend the Royal Wedding! However, Global's Got It  so I've the tea ready, and for good measure, a bit of bubbly chilling! Printed off the free Official Brochure , and well, I think I'm all set.

"Congratulations Wills and Kate; may 'Tomorrow's Smiles' lengthen to a lifetime full of happiness."

Grandmother came "out to Canada" when she was eight years old, adopted by my great grandparents in Cape Breton, married and raised seven children. Oh you would never know she was English from her voice; she wanted to be CANADIAN...lost the accent, hardly ever mentioned she was from the "old country" as she referred to it. But family history, in my bones from a young age, developed over the years, resulted in lasting friendships and found relations who always wondered what happened to that little girl who went abroad.

Roses..she had roses all along the left side of the walk to the house..thorny Rosa rugosa.... the scent of them on hot summer days will always remind me of her. She had skin like peaches, just like my mother and her sisters..... a stiff upper lip, always positive and a "can do" attitude. Gosh I miss her and wish I could talk to her now about her life and share this Royal wedding with her. As much as she wanted to be all true Canadian, that little English girl was still inside and she would have enjoyed this ceremony tomorrow very much. A toast to you nan...Elizabeth xox

My grandmother would have been impressed by the ceremony and joy of William and Catherine's marriage, as she was by Will's mom and dad's marriage, but make no mistake, she would have liked it all to end with a good game of  Bingo!

*tks N for the tea towel and flag gift also to M with Global in London ;-)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Cukes, Woodle and Greens

Yes, I know it's been days and days since I posted on blog.  You see, my other favourite occupation is family history research and well...have found new cousins!!! So with emails flying back and forth and photos exchanged and catching up for years's been a marvelous week or more. However...seedlings don't stop growing while I am exploring the past.. and making time to nurture them is a must.  'Tasty Jade' cucumbers have germinated nicely so I hope they will prosper on the back bean wall. Trellising cukes will be new to us but gardening is partly about experimenting isn't it.

This year, I'm excited about  'Woodle Orange' tomato from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. I've read so many good things about this heirloom variety... early cropping, great taste, round perfect globe fruit, brilliant tangerine color. Already, they are in their their Big Girl pots, and others, OSU Blue, Wentzell and Mortgage Lifter are lined up waiting. 
We are growing new families of tomatoes, from seeds saved year after year for decades by The Wentzells, original homesteaders here in Nova Scotia and  Radiator Charlie  who developed the Mortgage Lifter. Listen while he tells you how he developed it and the story behind it.

A plus in the garden, are the hardy salad greens we are harvesting. You will need a fleece or cold frame/row cover to protect them at night but goodness...they've made big strides. One of our last sunny days, showed the growth this variety 'cool weather' mix has already produced.

Although some folks like to just grow flowers and others are purely food focused..we grow both and couldn't imagine it otherwise. Flowers attract all kinds of  beneficial insects and birds that help the vegetables prosper. Bulbs are making a show...amazing the structure and power of this Hyacinth pushing through the soil.

Hope You're having a Great Gardening Day

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Asparagus Bed Tidy Up...and Spring Shoots

The local garden center had it's "fresh" load of lovely whiffy compost arrive today and we were there ...shameful one can get so excited about a fragrant load of it)))!  Mom could never stand the smell of manure but to smells like Bon Acres and spring! We raked the debris off the asparagus bed, limed and compost dressed. Stand by for delicious spears of Asparagus before too long!

We are seeing new shoots...but sigh..only two crocus...all that's left of the many we planted five years ago...lovely though that the survivors are glistening white.

A titch out of focus but can you feel the warmth of the sun!! What beauty in such a tiny but delightful presence....I take flower joy where I can find it))).

Ye ole deck is coming along...but we will hate to look at it for months 'raw and unstained' until the wood has dried enough to finish. Yes, the debris to the right is defining railings yet ...but coming.

That's about it...the firepit is in constant use..I am sure the neighbours and crows might be minding the smoke but I hope they are forgiving. It won't last much longer. My frozen shoulder is healing..thanks Julie and Susan for the recommend! Tremendous progress.

Spring Tulip Shoots!