Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wedding in the Old Country

Sadly, my invitation has not arrived in time to attend the Royal Wedding! However, Global's Got It  so I've the tea ready, and for good measure, a bit of bubbly chilling! Printed off the free Official Brochure , and well, I think I'm all set.

"Congratulations Wills and Kate; may 'Tomorrow's Smiles' lengthen to a lifetime full of happiness."

Grandmother came "out to Canada" when she was eight years old, adopted by my great grandparents in Cape Breton, married and raised seven children. Oh you would never know she was English from her voice; she wanted to be CANADIAN...lost the accent, hardly ever mentioned she was from the "old country" as she referred to it. But family history, in my bones from a young age, developed over the years, resulted in lasting friendships and found relations who always wondered what happened to that little girl who went abroad.

Roses..she had roses all along the left side of the walk to the house..thorny Rosa rugosa.... the scent of them on hot summer days will always remind me of her. She had skin like peaches, just like my mother and her sisters..... a stiff upper lip, always positive and a "can do" attitude. Gosh I miss her and wish I could talk to her now about her life and share this Royal wedding with her. As much as she wanted to be all true Canadian, that little English girl was still inside and she would have enjoyed this ceremony tomorrow very much. A toast to you nan...Elizabeth xox

My grandmother would have been impressed by the ceremony and joy of William and Catherine's marriage, as she was by Will's mom and dad's marriage, but make no mistake, she would have liked it all to end with a good game of  Bingo!

*tks N for the tea towel and flag gift also to M with Global in London ;-)


  1. Lovely Brenda. Put a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye .

  2. What a heart warming post Brenda. Nice to hear some of your family history and the fondness your have for your Grandmother. What a lovely picture of her. Makes me miss my Grandmother's too.

    We shall have to "discuss" the wedding tomorrow! Should be fun to watch!


  3. Wow..This is the second time this week that you have touched my heart with such beautiful and loving words. Another tear in my eye. Nanny would have been so proud. I love you Sister

  4. Yes sometimes I wish for just another cup of tea and chat with my Gran what a lovely post.

  5. Lovely post! Your grandmother would have been so pleased and proud to have read it. I love your ending best of all.
    I awoke to a news clip of the nuptials on the radio. And of course when I got up, I had to go onto the computer to see news footage of the ceremony and check out "the dress". I do hope Kate fairs better than poor Diana, who was only 19 at the time of her wedding. Hopefully, the maturity she has acquired in her 29 years will serve her well.

  6. I accidentally watched the wedding - well I only saw from the carriage ride to the palace on, live, the rest in bits on the computer. I didn't mean to, life is weird enough right now and it made me cry and I didn't want to cry for rich happy people (yes, sadly true right now) but I'm glad I did because I'd rather cry and feel that rawness and when the lancaster flew over, of the last two in the world, I really cried as that is what my dad flew in the war. so ...I also finished my other sock - hurrah - which will now be embued with wedding emotion.
    What day(s) are you going to Saltscapes - let's meet and tea.

  7. What a nice post Brenda.. my grandmother also took great pride in 'the Royals'.. we caught bits of the wedding while on route from Bruges to Brussels in Belgium.. would have liked to hop over to London, but the thought of more massive crowds (after Easter in Paris!) took care of that! :)

  8. I missed the wedding; walked up Mount Snowdon instead. But then that had a meaning for me, because thirty years ago, on the day of the Charles and Diana wedding, I walked up a mountain with my grandfather - it was sort of memorial to him to do the same on Friday.

  9. What a lovely post Bren! How exciting to find long lost relatives and share your grandmother's story with them.

  10. What a touching post Brenda. I also thought of my grannie who came over when she was four. I couldn't help watch and think of her. It's so nice that you are researching and getting in touch with your family there.
    I certainly want some sun! Hope the garden prep is going well for you. Cheers! Susan :)

  11. Your post reminded me of my grandmother. Roses along the left side of her house, skin like peaches, having tea with her. I miss her an awful lot. She wasn't English, just good ole' American. Took what life gave her without much complaint.