Saturday, April 9, 2011

Asparagus Bed Tidy Up...and Spring Shoots

The local garden center had it's "fresh" load of lovely whiffy compost arrive today and we were there ...shameful one can get so excited about a fragrant load of it)))!  Mom could never stand the smell of manure but to smells like Bon Acres and spring! We raked the debris off the asparagus bed, limed and compost dressed. Stand by for delicious spears of Asparagus before too long!

We are seeing new shoots...but sigh..only two crocus...all that's left of the many we planted five years ago...lovely though that the survivors are glistening white.

A titch out of focus but can you feel the warmth of the sun!! What beauty in such a tiny but delightful presence....I take flower joy where I can find it))).

Ye ole deck is coming along...but we will hate to look at it for months 'raw and unstained' until the wood has dried enough to finish. Yes, the debris to the right is defining railings yet ...but coming.

That's about it...the firepit is in constant use..I am sure the neighbours and crows might be minding the smoke but I hope they are forgiving. It won't last much longer. My frozen shoulder is healing..thanks Julie and Susan for the recommend! Tremendous progress.

Spring Tulip Shoots!


  1. I was told that previous owner of my house had a large and very productive asparagus bed that he had tended for years - but the lady who I bought the house off had had it dug up to put some decking on! Aghhh!

  2. You beat me to it Bren!! I was going to blog later about the load of 2 year old aged manure that arrived this morning - gorgeous!! And, it was so full of worms - tens of thousands of lovely little wrigglers.. ahhhh.. what a thrill and the best birthday present a girl could hope for.

    Love the progress of your beds - those tomatoes are going to grow like crazy this year in that spot!! Yah spring!

  3. Brenda, does asparagus not like acidic soil? I did a little cleaning up of my asparagus bed this past weekend but wasn't aware lime might be needed.

  4. Oh Mark..too bad you missed out on that asparagus bed. Did you ever check under the deck to see if some survived as I can't imagine her getting every bit of it out.

    Niki...happy birthday and what a present! Yes alive with wed wigglers)). Felt the dressing was too thick so it got thinned yesterday. Shoulder complained but isn't so bad today. Tomato plants need transplanting and it's raining...great!

    Marguerite..I didn't know until recently, reading somewhere that asparagus likes a soil PH 7.0 (neutral) so as I had never put lime on that bed, and have consistently manured it in the spring (and my soil is naturally acidic)..thought it wouldn't hurt to put some on this year. Asparagus is a heavy feeder though so you might put manure on it if you have some composted or your own compost.

  5. Wow, everything looks great Brenda! I'm thinking you will have a great asparagus bed there! I love the picture of the white crocus ... you are right, one can feel the warmth of the sun shining on that beauty! We still have just a few piles of snow left ... although I'm sure we haven't seen the last flake for the season....

  6. Spring has finally arrived here as well. I saw that a few crocus were putting in an early appearance when I walked around in the garden this afternoon. So much work to do! It is hard not to feel overwhelmed.
    Your deck is coming along nicely. I am sure it gets lots of use on warm summer evenings. You are sure to have a bumper crop of asparagus with all the work you are doing.