Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Little Update Heading into April

Looking rather like a scary monster, Rheum palmatum 'Atrosanguineum' rises from the deep; the first fresh color in the spring garden so far. I am surprised it is ahead of the rhubarb but surely that will push itself up to the sunshine soon. Almost the end of March..where did it go? We have been busy not just sowing seeds but doing spring chores outside. This was the year to replace the back deck, a big job. It runs the length of the house, with two levels and a wide stair down to the lawn, veg and flower garden in the center of the yard. I guess you would say it is an indoor outdoor least that is how we use it.

One of the tomato flats germinated and is now under grow lights. In the hoop tunnel, there are a few ribbons of green; tomorrow we will have a better idea when we peel it back to water. Arugula has sprouted in the forward raised bed, under a fleece covering. The seeds were sown about ten days ago, and even though we had temps minus C 8 degrees at night, it goes to show how hardy those little plants are. A year ago you couldn't have convinced me, we could germinate greens under a simple piece of white fleece this time of year in Nova Scotia. Other than that, cleaned up one of the flower beds outside the veg garden and so far, looks good for survival rate.

Lots of bird activity around, especially the Mourning Doves! Always the cooing lovers.

Here's Lookin' at Ya!


  1. You two sure have been busy! Your deck area sounds beautiful! I love to have an indoor/outdoor space. I am looking forward to seeing pictures of your finished project! Also I just love the sweet dove picture.

  2. Lovely photos Bren! Love the Mourning Dove.. quite the plump little bird! :)

    It's nice you're getting the deck work done now, so that when you're ready to sit out, it will be finished..

    Ah.. spring is here.. (except for tomorrow - snow!) yikes..

  3. Count me amazed that you're already germinating plants outdoors! My raised beds are still frozen on the top layer. Yes I tried to dig but didn't get far.

  4. Spring has certainly arrived here in the UK - all sorts of things poking through and buds on all the trees. I can feel the warmth in my blood.

  5. That is a scary looking plant!! Looks like you had some nice sunshine - I miss the sun.

  6. I saw a mourning dove when I took Hoagy out for his constitutional . It was chittering about, not doing its usual moany thing, and when I clucked at it - it seemed most interested. They have such tiny heads! And I think they are hilarious when they are moaning for their true love who is on a tree three branches away doing the same. Hopeless.
    Jan Morrison

  7. Looks like you two are going to be busy this Spring. The weather is certainly beautiful right now. Almost time for boat weather. I'm sure things will be popping out of your lovely garden soon. Take care, Susan :)