Friday, February 28, 2014

Almost Done

Almost done with fact, after a couple of days of ten degrees C last week, just a tease really, my heart was set on an early spring and thoughts of lets get growing! The ice is starting to break up, although the Captain said the week ahead is going to be quite cold and with the sea temp at zero, it only takes overnight for it to make more ice. He travels out by boat most mornings taking workers to a Mahone Bay island, so personally, I really wish this ice would go and stay away, away.

Have you found this winter long as well? March seems so much more optimistic, but February is just so long yet, it's the shortest month of the year. Attitude's all in the attitude.

During those two warm days, I scratched a packet of winter lettuce, mache and spinach in the cold frame with the lexan cover.  Honestly, the soil was lovely and warm from the radiant sun and almost steamy. Oh the smell when the cover was raised...spring, possibilities, enthusiasm and pleasure.

To keep my garden spirits up the last few months, I started some peas for shoots. This year however they didn't amount to much so even though they say any pea will do, I am going back to my original variety next year. I did sprinkle a packet of speedy veg in a plastic shell from the grocery and they did very well. Have you read the book The Speedy Vegetable Garden by Mark Diacono and Lia Leendertz? Well I think it has as much advice in there for growing shoots and sprouts as one would need. Plus there's lots else to recommend it. Great photos and great advice.

Meanwhile, I also discovered the little bulbs of Egyptian Walking Onions that truly love walking all over the garden, if potted up, grow green onions all winter long. I snip off the greens and they simply grow back time and time again and even if ignored, they don't give up. This was an accidental discovery as I thought the bulbs were something else. Next year, I will pot up a lot more.

Soon it will be time to stick some peas in the ground, as soon as the soil can be worked they say, but only if there's a window of time when it isn't going to rain for two weeks and they rot in the ground. But, while waiting for the real thing, these below will have to do ;-)  I took a clay class and came away with a selection of peas. The glaze is a little thick yes, but I loved feeling the clay and shaping it in my hands. In fact, a girlfriend said, it was like holding my hands. I liked that. Thank you.

So...I'm changing my attitude, and plan on Marching into next month with a springy step and a mind full of possibilities and earthly delight. Come on Spring.