Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hunkered Down

There's a Nor'easter on it's way to Nova Scotia. Environment Canada sent out blizzard and tidal surge warnings. The gas station was blocked with cars today, filling up or purchasing fuel for generators. Our local Irving ran out of fuel except for super! OH MY!

Meanwhile, the afternoon sun warmed my bones. Snow still covers half of the garden and mud at midday sticks to my boots on the walk to the cold frames. Time to harvest the spinach we seeded late last year. This early sunshine and cool temps are much much..to their liking. Spinach "Reflect' jumped in size and oh what a harvest. What I didn't know for years..how a cold frame would extend our season. I think, as ours are raised at about thigh high, perhaps it even has a better advantage?
Valiantly, the little patch of snowdrops are grasping the few rays of sunshine surprising me with their perseverance.
Little tips are pushing through the ground; bulbs, looking for spring.
Broad beans, germinated inside, quickly settled in the raised bed. Note the little leaf to the right of the chalk sign for French Breakfast Radish.
Early winter speedy veg have also germinated and with a covering of white fleece or remay, they have a titch more warmth and protection till the Nor'easter storm passes.
Inside...tomatoes will soon be seeded. But two plants have been held over from last year. Both are Mexico Midget. Neglected..yes, I will admit..neglected. But they have hung on...like myself, persevered through the long winter.  Experimenting with gardening is great! Hugely gratifying. Don't be afraid to do that. Enjoy the journey; that's half the fun of gardening.