Sunday, March 13, 2011

Raising the Mini Hoop Tunnel in Snow

Shivers....well it's excitement that's causing the shivers and not the snow! We dragged the hoop cover out from storage...yes, it's showing wear but it will survive another spring. First thing on the agenda...dig our way into the garden and open the mean feat as there was still ice on the pavers.

Trusty Captain took care of this and you know darn well, I didn't shovel one bit of snow))). Anyway, it was all his idea to begin with.... starting about five years ago. "Why don't I just remove the snow, put up the hoop tunnel....just see if the soil temperature gets warm enough to plant some seeds".  And I said..."Well sure my go right ahead" not being one to stop a creative spirited gardener when I was thinking all along..."good luck with that!". HAH!

So that's exactly what he did..and what 'we' continue to do!! As in the past, early planting will be Neon Lights Swiss Chard, Bulls Blood and Golden beets, Black Seeded Simpson (he's not fussed on that one) and Red Oakleaf Lettuce/Red Salad Bowl, a mesculin mix and Rainbow Mix carrots. However, Atomic Red and Early Napoli carrots might be planted as I have ordered the seed to try. The soil temp under that snow was  C.7 degrees.  I noted we planted seeds out on April 4th, 2009 and March 21st, we will see how long it takes this year for the soil to get to where it needs to be. Oh my, the bed looks rather desperate right now heh!

The above photos show our progress the past few days; the photos below show the progression through the last few years, 4th May 10, 30th May 10 and 13th June 09....hoop cover shifts on occasion for rotation.

Please don't think the garden soil looks all fluffed like this normally..but pickie time, I do kinda make an effort))). Oh, isn't it wonderful to look at GREEN and not just white!!!


  1. Your potager looks pretty wonderful Bren! Smart hubby you have and a great garden partner. I can understand your shivers of excitement. I am getting the next best thing as I buy fresh greens from a local farmer. Yummy!

  2. Your potager looks both beautiful and very productive!

  3. Planting seeds outside already! and I haven't even planted them inside yet. I could take a few lessons from you. Your garden looks both beautiful and productive.

  4. Gorgeous!! So inspirational! I love that you've been able to do this and such lovely photos.. To make life easier on 'the Captain', you may think about erecting and covering the tunnels in late November (or earlier, depending on the weather). Then, he won't have to shovel! Just lift the cover and plant in mid to late March..

    Sigh.. the countdown is on.. 6 days.. :)

  5. I guess that answers my question about what's the weather like in NS!

    But what stunning vegetable beds - and I'm so envious of your fence; I've always wanted a white picket fence at my cottage

  6. You two (especially Captain) are so industrious! This is impressive, amazing. Love the seasonal shots.

  7. Just wondering where you got your tunnel cover- it looks kind of like plastic rather than cloth?? And also how long it would usually last? Thanks for the inspiring pictures!

  8. You should be applauded for all that work in the snow - looks great!

  9. Goodness, I don't think I have ever received so many comments on a post so quickly...thank you very much!! I guess everyone is anxious to start planting and get going in the garden!

    Carol, thank you so much for your comment especially regarding a good garden partner. He calls himself my "tractor". It's a joke but we do work well long as I'm the supervisor))

    Sweetbay, thank you so much for your kind comment. It was your blog that turned my head toward planting more Baptisia this year and I thank you so much for that.

    Marguerite, what a great year you are going to have..once that snow is gone. Loved your post today about the new seed packages..been there)))

    Year Round Vegie Gardener are absolutely right!! but remember I look out on this garden all winter from our kitchen and I don't know..kinda don't want to be looking at plastic tunnel all that time)). Ever fussy, as you know!

    Mark, your new property is beautiful and I just know the new fruit trees will be productive before you know it! Thank you.

    Andy and Michele..just to be clear..we know who the industrious one was in this segment! hah! I just supervised))). My work will come later.

    Garden Girl, the hoop tunnel came from Lee Valley and you can google is a Canadian company. They do not sell it now..we have had it about five years anyway. You are right, it is plastic and it sure was steamy under there today in the sun..snow all gone on that side of the garden.

    Greenfingersmum...well I do admire someone who is devoted to children, also gardens and loves pets. Think that just about makes you perfect in my eyes. Thank you for visiting and commenting. We don't have hedgehogs here in Nova Scotia but I am rather partial to them just the same, and wish we did.

    So thanks everyone for your kind and dear remarks which mean so much to us. Hope you keep following our adventures and misadventures although I try not to talk about the

  10. What a beautiful vegetable garden! So colorful, and I love the picket fence!