Sunday, March 20, 2011

It's Spring Finally....soil+seeds+a dirt dog

The soil under the hoop tunnel has warmed to F 58 degrees so we decided to plant the hardy seeds today. Lettuce Red Salad Bowl, Black Seeded Simpson and Italian Red Perilla, the latter new to us were the first in. Mizuna, Radish Watermelon, Neon Lights Chard, Radish D' Avignon, Lombardi and Viroflay Spinach also made the cut. Rainbow Mix and Atomic Red carrots; Golden, Blankoma (white) and Bulls Blood Beets were sown, and Pac Choi, a red variety from Johnny's seeds in Maine.
Winter Marvel lettuce, India mizuna, and arugula are really getting growing in the raised bed (cold frame covered) as well as the mache N brought from Provence last year which seems very hardy xo The early spring sunshine and warm days are a real boost to these early greens.

About two weeks ago we sprinkled a package of various early hardy greens in the cold frame and they all germinated. You see, this is what shocks read it can be done but don't believe it..and when they do germinate you  wait for them all to keel over and die..and when they don't...I guess..for me, this gardening business becomes a miracle.

To a more personal level..'The Chief'...

We have been burning a lot of debris in the fire pit the last few days and what goes better with a good fire than a few hot dogs! Chief, might be a bit of a handsome hottie but he sure picks up the dirt! It's hard enough to work in the garden when the body is just coming out of it's stiff and frozen state, but to end the day cleaning this fellow)) ....Cathy, time to trim this puppy...


  1. I love your low tunnel...did it come as a kit? The little flap that opens up at the end is very cool!

    And I definitely need to build a cold frame like yours. To see those greens germinating inside this time of year is surely a welcomed site.

    Hopefully the good weather will continue!

  2. What day did you first sow seeds in your coldframe?

  3. Thomas, thanks for visiting! Anonymous too!

    The low tunnel did come as a kit, is about five years old, flaps at both ends, bought from a Canadian Company, Lee Valley. I do not think they make this one any longer. The zippers have long since broken, and there are a few tears at end seams but nothing a few clips can't secure.

    The greens in the cold frame were planted at two different times...a variety package about two weeks ago which amazed me, germinating when it essentially was still pretty cold outside but the soil temps in the cold frame showed the time was right. The greens that are further along, they were sown late last fall and germinated then, but it was so late, they just didn't grow very much and have sat there in the cold frame all winter. Pretty amazed myself they made it...but I was assured by blogger Year Round Veggie Gardener, this would happen. This is our first year using a cold frame. We also didn't use any fleece to cover these greens in winter. Thanks for the questions and hope that answers them.

  4. oh oh oh, I do so want a cold frame. what a miracle!

  5. Your lettuce looks great! Mine (in containers) is looking pretty sad and pathetic. Do you have any tips?

  6. Potted Farm...I grew lettuce in trays through the winter inside the red shed where it didn't freeze but was quite cool. They enjoyed winter sunlight with grow light support and diluted liquid fish fertilizer. They lacked a strong crispness but that was improved by a long soak in cold water when picked, then rinsed and put in fridge.

    There are so many varieties of lettuce...some can take the heat, others like it cool and I guess there are other variables as well. Why not try growing a hardy green like mache or winter marvel lettuce, sowing it outside in a pot right now.

    Thanks for visiting; I am enjoying your blog.

  7. I'm really excited to see how your cold frame and hoops are doing. Last year it was so late in the summer by the time we were enjoying lettuce. I'm thinking I could try something similar and get some early greens.

  8. almost forgot! your dog is utterly adorable. Look how happy he is with himself enjoying the spring temperatures.

  9. I grew lots of pak choi last year (in the greenhouse). It was great, I had loads & it's a really versatile veg. Good luck!

  10. great to see the progress! we will be back in ns this wkd to catch up!! in the US South West we have had heat -up to 25 in Santa Fe; today snow/rain (minus 3!!!!)called a "major snowstorm " here in Arizona!!...the prior rain certainly "greened" things up ...amazing landscapes here in the glad we could see it..but can't wait to start greens in NS!!!
    Glad the mache doing well...N

  11. Hail to The Chief!! He is adorable and such a great garden helper..

    It all looks just gorgeous Bren.. that soil is so beautiful - rich, dark and well worked. I can't wait to follow the progress of your greens.. It was just a lovely spring day..

  12. Everything looks great Bren! Lots of hard work for sure. We are forecasted to get a foot of snow tonight ... now I will lose the spot for my lawn chair! ha!
    Chief is stealing the show ... He looks sooooo cute standing up there as if to say "look at my paws, I've been digging too, may I have a hot dog?" Too cute! I love his long hair ... you will have to post a pic after his haircut.

  13. So many ideas - Pac choi - I like the sound of that.

    I have just sorted the raised beds and its time to sow.

  14. I always feel torn when I find blogs like yours that really speak to me but which haven't had new posts in a very long time .. Hope you are still enjoying gardening ...