Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Nova Scotia Woodland Delight

We feel very privileged to have these abundant blooms in our woodland garden area, at this time of year.

The wild Pink Lady Slipper (Moccasin Flower) Cypripedium is on the DO NOT PICK list because if you do, it won't regenerate itself. I noticed when taking these photos, something has topped off about six or eight blooms. Could it be deer we wonder....


  1. Now that is a piece of Heaven!! wow.... Larry

  2. I don't know if deer eat cypripedium or not, Brenda. I am somehow suspecting that someone picked them, or maybe the incessant wind and rain of the past few days broke some off. They're early this year, at least 10 days to 2 weeks, so Rob told me when he checked his woodlot. I haven't been in the woods to go looking. When walking around the yard and house is a challenge, one doesn't go awalkin' in the woods. Hoping for good news tomorrow from ortho dude.

  3. absolutely heaven! I've loved these since I was a child and imagined that they were fairy slippers. Maybe I still think so...