Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Well, bugs are bustin' out all over....aphids and white fly on the currants, along with some soft luscious caterpillars on the lower leaves;...then there's the secret nighttime visitors who have just about decimated my lovely vision of tumbling nasturtium over the raised beds(((..not to mention munching on the Pac Choi. The ants have a highway to the Red Twig Dogwood blooms and are farming big time! I kept waiting for the birds to find the caterpillars, and the lady bugs to find the aphids. I mean, didn't I give those little spotty charmers a home all winter long in the warm summerhouse.. When I dig in the soil around the chard and carrots, zillions of baby earwigs run for their lives... Oh it's looking like a great bug month, which means...simply...accept it...that's the way it rolls.

While I grumble and lament the damage, "Bugs Bugs Bugs" plays over and over in my brain. Bugs are not ALL BAD))))

Little ones love this song...and so do I ))))). Bugs Bugs Bugs words and music by Nova Scotian, Duncan Wells.

PS!! Picked up the June Issue of Gardens East (after posting the above this morning) and what should be in there but a photo of the munching boys above..."currant sawfly larvae"...that's them there devils)) Great Ingrid Hoff...must do a google.


  1. Yup. tis the season for the bugs. Lotsa grubs in the ground, so I'm inviting the skunks to do their jobs...

  2. I love my chickens. they eat ants even the red ones and really the skeets are even less here with them around. I did see something chewing my radishes though...I can't let them into my vegie garden.

  3. Just catching up with your blog Brenda. Your gardens looks wonderful. I don't know how you do it! That is alot to keep up as you do.