Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Metal Work in the Garden

We like Metal Work in the Garden. Everyone has their favourite medium...cement, wood, twig rustic, stainless steel......but we keep being drawn to simple metal and often, the recycling of it. Dare I say, the Captain likes the challenge...especially when I bring home a plant support that cost $8.00 and he says he can make THAT for two dollars! Locally, there doesn't seem to be supports long/high enough, in metal, for Delphiniums..or my verbascum...but I have some now...)))) big smile.

Then there are those relationship. A friend had one small raccoon image a metal worker had made but I would have liked closer to life size. So..with a little chalk and a top and bottom off an oil drum...we made our own at a fraction of the price. Sure it's rusty, and the black paint might have to have a retouch before long...but we made it together, so it means way more than a bought one.

Years ago, on our way to Liverpool...(not home of the Beatles)))) in Nova Scotia, we found a gentleman who made wirework birds from rebar ..concrete reinforcing bar.. (ours is a Blue Heron)))...sure it's rusted and old now but you know, we love it still and it means more to us than something made away away... buy local as they say.

Making Garden Art is in all of us.....the experience is there waiting for us, and it will bring joy because we made it..and nobody else.


  1. I like!! Especially the Blue Heron... Larry

  2. I am absolutely loving the life-size racoons. Even more to learn that they are home-made. What a talented family. What a way to recycle the oil drum to.

    The rust just adds character, a bit like wrinkles :D

  3. Thanks for your comments, LC and MC)). The raccoons didn't quite get to life size, as we were defined by the size of the oil drum top, but as big as we could make them)))))

    Rust and wrinkles...I like that hahahah

  4. Aha!! Found the raccoon picture!! Love them. I've spent the evening making Pecan Shortbread cookies. The house smells incredible.