Thursday, June 3, 2010

Focusing on the Positive

Today was a bit of a killer day! I discovered a mass of beech roots and their sprouts invading the asparagus and sweet pea bed. What a sneaky Beech! ))) So my arms are about a foot longer than they were this morning and I know from now on out, I will have to be diligent. No sign of mother the forest around us I guess.

The good news is, (focus focus)))...I did get the one long bed widened and edged. Almost all the vegetable garden is planted out now, along with first timers...Leeks!! Thanks N. for finding them for us.

What really makes me feel great, are the columbines. I started them from seed, ....Black Barlow and what I thought was Songbird Mix. (apparently not!!))) But whatever the pastels are...I love them! They took me from a black mood to a song bird high))


  1. Your columbines do look great... although the Songbird series are quite magnificent as well... Larry

  2. oh it all looks so heavenly! Brenda - you should look at my writing site today - The Friday Challenge is about building a metaphor and mine is 'what gardening has taught me about writing'!

  3. Wonderful columbines, Brenda! The thing about columbines is that some of them are promiscuous little darlings so you're never quite sure when they'll revert or cross pollinate. I HAD Black Barlow but she went somewhere...I still have NORA Barlow, plus Aquilegia canadensis, plus a whole variety of pinks and purples and white and almost-black-purple, doubled and single and ruffled and...but none of the Songbirds. Except the feathered kind.

    Sorry about the stretched arms, but better beech than goutweed, however. Just sayin'...:-)

  4. You are right...count my blessings re beech grateful it is not goutweed!

    Nora has surfaced...didn't notice until I did walk about tonight (she's pretty special too...isn't there a Darwin connection?). . . and found one ..just one, songbird mix...kind of a sucky purplish but happy to have it))).

    First time I saw Aguilegia Canadensis it was surrounding a tree on the farm on Saltspring Island in B.C.. I didn't know what it was..but I never forgot it...truly wild..and very AWEsome. I have tried four times to grow it here with no luck...Glad you can!!