Monday, June 7, 2010

New Delights from the Garden

After the hard rain, thunder and lightning through the night, we awoke to a lovely day. Visitors arrived soon after I had given the main garden a fluff, but I had not inspected the Veg garden. So, .....delighted, after they left, to find the first of the Dragon Tongue beans hidden under the leaves. Imagine, June 7th and our first beans! Needless to say...they were munched right after this photo....YUMMM

The Chard and Beets needed thinning, then.. weeded the soil and started to tie up the peas. The Captain arrived home from Halifax with garden mags and Dream Cream from Saltspring Island... My hands feel good, my tummy will soon be full, our garden visitors were's been a truly great day!


  1. oh my! What a day! I'm afraid the only things out of my garden are big fat radishes and basil thinnings but the basil doesn't count because I haven't really put it in the garden yet. I did leave it out for a long while yesterday and will again today with the hopes of planting on Thursday. I have no time today...
    isn't it just heaven to get things to eat from your land? I'll never get over the miracle of it.

  2. WOW - that is the earliest bean harvest I've ever encountered in our region - congrat's! I'm very jealous.. :) Niki