Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Canon and the Macro Setting

Well...ahem... still haven't read the "instruction booklet" for the Canon camera (PowerShot SX 110). Did I feel that would be disloyal to my old Sony???... oh so love my Sony..so faithful..so accurate..so dependable! I don't think I was ready for a new camera when Santa brought it. Pooh...no strap to hold it..no case..no extra memory cards..

My love affair with the Canon started tonight when I wondered about that MF icon with the flower...another total embarrassment shared!! It had Macro!!!..I really was able to dive into the depths of these beautiful flowers after having agonized about close up photographing (yes...whined a bit about it)))) sorry. Not only that...the setting had EXTRA FINE!...I think that's what the Captain is..extra fine for putting up with me and my complaining))))

So tonight..da da...first macro photographed flower...including insects))...Astrantia Major at the top of the blog! She looks wonderful although doesn't pack a punch in the garden... that's okay..she is lovely, just lovely. Then, just above, is a beautiful camouflaging spider on the blooms of our Diablo Ninebark...the Canon does bugs!! Shivers...tomorrow..roses, and pea flowers and.....okay..will stay calm))))

Back to reality! This is our garden about nine in the evening.....our "Angel Pine" looks down on us as the setting sun makes her branches glow. We think she is pretty special but she doesn't seem well this year. All trees have a life that does expire((; the captain said she would make a fine schooner mast.


  1. Congrats on discovering the joys of Macro, Brenda! And kudos to you for having Astrantia...I disagree about it packing a punch, though, because although it's not the largest flower in the garden, the flowers are so intricate and fascinating that we slow down to enjoy them. Now, the scary thing is, they are in the same family as...wait for it...GOUTWEED! (Apiaceae, formerly Umbelliferae) I have about 7 different cultivars, including three added this year, so it'll be fun to photograph all of them and figure out the several that have LOLA (lost label) syndrome.

  2. Been missing you Jodi..hope the book is coming along well.

    I like your attitude about Astrantia..yes,it does make me slow down and it is front of border and so I have reconsidered))).

    Is it really related to Goutweed? Goodness! I used to have a red one (lola), but she's gone.

    Thanks for your comment and good will.

  3. gorgeous - yah, that little flower icon is a load of fun - I'd still like to get a macro lense though...I miss the one my old Olympus came with...

  4. Beautiful pictures Brenda! Andy is the photographer in our family but he got me a small point and shoot, so we could do the blog together. I haven't read the manual yet either. (have had the camera for two years!)

  5. Love the top flower shot! Very nice and so glad you found the macro setting! ;->

  6. Well thank Heavens I am not the only one Michele, who doesn't read the manuals...))). I felt like I had bared my soul in admitting this...and kinda regretted it a titch later.

    Andy, thanks for so much for following the blog. Your photos are spectacular and I look forward so much to seeing them. (how I loved the swans) Really appreciate your comment about the flower shot...point and shoot is my style I am afraid.