Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Little Walk Around Part of the Back Garden

It's been hinted ....we are not showing much of the garden lately, so this evening we walked about taking some photos. The few below give a good indication of how the left bed is doing...what we call the Long Bed. You can just see the roof of our neighbour's house over the fence...good neighbours I might add!! He recently said I was an NHL'er Gardener...I think that was a compliment))) Nora Barlow Columbine is coming into bloom, and the two dwarf lilacs are in good flower. The variegated willow is tucked in the corner and does quite well there, and in front of that are two old iron wheel rims,.... my attempt at rustic garden art))). Day lilies, hosta and other perennials wait in the wings for their "show time".

Keeping to the left and moving down towards the garden shed, the bed has filled in quite a bit since the early spring photos. Cranesbill Geraniums do very well here; we are seeing a good variety in bloom right now. The old plum tree is surrounded by hosta .... they don't seem to be troubled by slugs...however, a circle of wood ash, about two inches wide and half that deep, circles each hosta in spring when they come out of the ground. I expect that makes a difference.

At the very back of the property is an area of lupins, daisy and other wild flowers. The wee chairs would not support any bottom, but the flowers and grasses have grown up around them, so they stay for now.

We have been troubled the past few days by a young raccoon coming into the yard at about six o'clock in broad daylight. This is a worry when you have a young dog, so we are having to be ever vigilant. No sign of any deer yet...maybe we will be lucky this year and not have a repeat of 2008...

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  1. Wow Beautiful like always and the summer hasn't even started yet. Hoping to visit very soon to enjoy the view :)