Thursday, June 17, 2010

A great day! GIFTS)))

It has been a "splendid" day...a special day of gifts and kind messages. Thank you to all our family and friends))) Where have the years gone? Please note above...the NEW SHOVEL!!

As the day began in rain, the Captain went to boats...and I tried to organize the labels of plants and seeds so I do not sound so UN knowledgeable when I blog about these things. Here is what I was faced with...but soon had them in baggies and tidied up!! Thanks to my favourite gardening vet who moved back out west...she left me all her seeds and then some....Tks A.

The Chief was pretty disgusted by the end of the day...wet, tired, hungry, dirty,...much earlier shorn of his winter coat((( kinda shivering......"heh, is that my ball?"

A walk around the garden was quite an eye opener. Patty's Plum Poppy is on steroids... The Captain measured the highest is 47 inches. I don't think Patty is supposed to get that tall? Maybe I am wrong..must do a google... As you see...her color is not maybe she has a little gene in there that says...grow tall young lady!!...

We have two of these peonies...what a delicious color and noooo....didn't find the name tag!!!

I am quite surprised my Canon camera could do this shot.... is the photographer improving perhaps ))))))

So, all and all a good day..but need to get thinking about the vegetable garden and what to plant for fall/winter harvest. "Four-Season Harvest" by Eliot Coleman is "the book" for those who want to try to have greens growing just about up to Christmas in our neck of the woods. Great inspiration!


  1. I like you blog! It's fun and you have lovely photos. I LOVE the poppies and must look for some seeds - I am always looking for new plants to add to our garden. Love your dog too - what a cutey.I live on the west (or 'wet' these days) coast, Vancouver Island. It is interesting to see what grows on both coast lines. Nice to meet you. Michelle.

  2. Poor Chief....

  3. oh, those peonies! Wonderful picture, Brenda!
    And I got that 4 Season book out of the library awhile back - I want to get a copy - it is wonderful. It just means that I invent more projects for my Sweet Patootie though - now that I've got at least the first part of my composter I want a cold frame. And maybe a small greenhouse!
    I bought two peony bushes yesterday at Halifax Seed. Why haven't I gone there in years! It is sooooo wonderful. Great, just what I need - another drug of choice dealer!
    Your shovel is gorgeous. Your birthday!

  4. hahahah....drug of choice..gardening!!! You are so funny Jan..I just love when your comment!! So we are on the same wave length...a cold frame...greens at Christmas from our oh so fine "jardin" still my heart))).

    Sweet Patooties love having more projects..don't you know)))

    Welcome to Michelle...west coastie gal...wellll I was west coastie for a long time Michelle and miss it very much..lots of family and best friends there on SSI and the other islands. Your comments were so kind and are so appreciated. Love Victoria...know it very very well))) Thank you for following!!

    As for Ms. Anonymous)))....that dog is just a stink and that is all I have to say about that))))..."Island Treasure" of our hearts xo