Monday, June 21, 2010

A Little Bit of England

Wolverhampton, England, figures hugely in my family tree. I am second generation Canadian... but...I have loved roses so sincerely for so long, I know the blood in my veins is linked to these old country roses of England.

I never thought I would ever be given an opportunity to attend the Chelsea Garden show, but...I did attend five years ago. The David Austin display took my breath away, but out of all the roses...Golden Celebration was the most outstanding of all and I was determined to have it if it would grow here.

Our Golden Celebration is in bloom right now. But..because I am a titch embarrased about the state of the leaves...will just post the bouquet picked today. The Captain says they smell like roses...I smell like oranges but more importantly...they represent where grandmother came from. . and they are truly wonderful and special to me, because of that.


  1. Very beautiful. I have had David Austin roses and they were always wonderful. I think I had one named Mary.

  2. I just love the picture of the vase of roses! It's so pretty!