Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Words I Never Thought I Would EVER Say (or write)!!

The Wisteria is in Bloom! It has been ten loooong years since the darling was planted. Such a fine and beautiful name...it falls off the tongue like the flowers that drip from it's 16 inch long racemes..."Longissima Alba Wisteria". OH how I have waited to see it flower, and had totally given up hope. The vine had a bloom on it when it was purchased...so I thought..mmm...good stock...I don't have to wait long to see it 'show off'. Wrong! Not to say it is "dripping" in blooms..hahah..no...just eleven (yes I counted them)))). But heh, I feel blessed...better eleven than none.

Yes, that's me doing the Happy Dance)))...................."isn't she beautiful"!...................blush....


  1. Hi Brenda, your new blog colors are so nice. The gardens look splendid!

  2. Wow! It looks lovely. I love wisteria - I am always thinking of that wisteria bower in the Annapolis Royal Heritage Garden. Oh, swooningly romantic.

  3. So pretty! Yours looks very healthy too! :)

  4. The wisteria took 11 years to bloom and has 11 blooms"... one bloom for each year and an extra one for the special and loving care you gave it.


  5. Hi there Bren, sorry… kept meaning to drop by with a comment here. Absolutely thrilled that you’ve seen your first year of wisteria blooms. I waited nine years for mine. As you know my variety is different (sinensis alba) and I really can see the difference in the length of the racemes… amazing. Hope you are still enjoying them.

    Wishing you a good week :-D