Friday, June 25, 2010

Peas Please

June 25th...first swim in the ocean today and just had to share! But heh..this is a garden blog!

The garden is in quick grow mode and we are trying to keep up!! A salad of our greens, steamed peas, Purple Haze shredded carrot and Egyptian Onion flowers... a great boost to a long day but am still looking for a nicer vinaigrette than I use. Suggestions welcome))) for tender greens. (I have a few I found on the internet but testimonials are usually better and more honest recipes)))

The peas are, as usual, not being supported well enough and will sadly be "peas in bondage" before long. That's always a sad sight and you won't see a photo of it in future posts. For now, they look outstanding...glowing white blossoms on strong green stalks with tendrils.

Little Ice Berg rose on the left is valiantly trying to stay alive. She's been with us for about eight years..some years she is stellar...but this year..barely made it through. She does look nice with the pea blooms though...looking up at them with the intention of growing big and strong like they are!

ps..the wire support for the peas is recycled industrial warehouse shelf backing. Wish we had more)))


  1. oh my peas aren't nearly as far as long as envy...but my salad greens are outstanding this year - yay! I'm going to my friend Linder's today - she used to live in chester as well - she and her husband have a huge GARDEN and sell vegies at the farmer's market in Antigonish. I love going there - I'll take loads of pics of her garden.

  2. This is more than a gardening blog. Its your personal journa. So you can let us know that you swam in the ocean to make us jealous. I just recently leanred how to swim, so the ocean would be a big deal.

    I love the sound of your salad, especially the addition of dragon purple carrots, please can you show a whole carrot next time? I'd appreciate a look. Is the skin purple and the inside orange. I grew a purple variety last year just ofr the colour.

  3. Love your fence placemats....


  4. Thanks for all the above great and kind comments. Mangocheeks...the carrots were Purple Haze and not Purple Dragon, sorry... I am so so glad you brought it up though. I was wondering why the core was so hard, and why they weren't all purple like last year..just sort of half purple. Purple Dragon is all purple on the outside and although not coreless, it is tender. It looks great shredded raw long ways with the peeler instead of how I did it, but my carrot was too small to shred long and yes, orange inside. There are photos of some whole Purple Haze in The Rock, the garden dad etc?? ))) Next year back to Purple Dragon.

  5. Thanks Gardening Bren.

    I'm reading over my comments, and look at all those spelling mistakes. I need to read over before I post!