Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hostas are Coming into their Own

The Sum and Substance are coming into their own now, and just about to bloom, as are the Golden Standards. Don't know the name of the white and green at the front but they appear to give a boost to the yellow in the others. A few years back it seemed you weren't a proper gardener unless you had a good variety of hosta. Eventually, some folks got tired of them...ho hum..just another hosta!

However, there are some fantastic varieties out there now and so, having a second look is a good idea. Here is a beauty whose name you won't soon forget...Pineapple Upside Down Cake. I've had this about six years and she gets that little bit bigger each season. Her pointy and perky leaves are so different from other hosta we have in the garden.

Hostas can be very very pricey if you are a collector which, I am not... but I expect it would be easy to become obsessed by their beauty and variety. They can make a terrific bold statement like the first photo, or just add that little perk that brings out the best in it's neighbours. I love' em, frankly and can't imagine the garden without them.


  1. ah, hostas! I have never liked them but I have several that were given to me. And really when they get going they do look nice. I don't like their flowers which remind me of sad old lady underwear but the foliage is nice. I suppose it is like ham - I never want it but if it is served I like it. weird.

  2. You have done a wonderful job placing your hostas... they are very attractive and healthy looking! Larry

  3. Thank you Larry for your kind compliment. I did have a vision of a blue and yellow bed...which has since kind of gone by the by..but mostly it is blue and yellow.. The sum and substance can take some sun..but mine do scorch a bit.

    Jan, SAD OLD LADY UNDERWEAR....You make me smile so often..thank you for your comment...actually, I don't care for the flowers much but the hummingbirds do..and there is this white flower on one of the later hosta which has a glorious scent...

    Ham's always good cooked in someone else's house))

  4. Thanks for visiting me and leaving a comment! You have such a pretty garden, I love all the big leafy plants and your hostas - they certainly make a wonderful statement in your garden. I was shocked to discover some of my hostas eaten by deer - I thought they were deer-proof! Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos with us. Happy Canada Day! Michelle