Monday, May 31, 2010

What's for Supper?

A selection of greens from the vegetable garden: Red Salad Bowl from Aimers Organics, Cos Lettuce "Marshall" from Suttons, and Black Seeded Simpson from Veseys of Prince Edward Island. Makes a nice presentation and tastes fantastic...soft and buttery, all three. We started some of these early, seeding on March 21st, under row cover.

We laid the asparagus bed about ten years ago, for a family of four. However two of the team are not here eating their fair share)))) so we are struggling to keep up!!

The rainbow carrots are coming along and I am thinning every few days, harvesting tiny colored pencils to munch on while I am "on inspection".

English Breakfast Radish, Red leaf mustard, spinach, chard and beets are growing well. I did not start the Pac Choi from seed; it seems to be struggling but will buck up soon))). The shrub beans are Dragon Tongue from West Coast Seed, but they sure are behaving like pole beans.

Early on in the blog, I commented about planting Egyptian onions to help deter bugs and you know, I think it has worked. The roots of the onions radiate through the soft soil and it smells of onion when I dig. The lettuce is pristine, no chewies at all.

Time to share with friends.


  1. Your veggie garden (plus all else I can see!) are beyond lovely.. wow.. just gorgeous..

    Can you e-mail me at I'd love to swing by and take some photos somtime if that would be ok?


  2. You are most welcome to "swing by"...)))

    Sent and email tonight re the new gadget but had not read this post until now.