Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"Where are the Beatles" he asked....

For the past many days, we have been showing and sharing this lovely province of Nova Scotia, with our cousin from England. He has a smile on his face.... many of our towns are named after those he is familar with in England. Liverpool for instance..."where are the Beatles" he jokes))). Well, we couldn't share their music with him, but we could share Cosby's Garden Centre and let me tell you, he, and we..were impressed. The garden center itself is full and wonderful, with a number of greenhouses and an awesome Gunnera of note (not hardy here you know!!!) the owner works diligently to keep this one alive. It is just awakening from it's winter slumber...

In summer, a trench around the Gunnera slants inward so rains fall and fill but in winter, that same trench slants outward to keep the roots from becoming waterlogged, and frozen..sure death. Besides that, the plant is covered, I think, by plastic, and then straw over that and maybe even further measures taken. Now, that's a commitment but so much appreciated by his garden centre visitors!

The highlight above all and without question...were his cement garden sculptures and I mean his..the garden center owner is the sculptor. Pretty awesome heh!


  1. Wow - I have to go there. I love these!

  2. Where is this place???

  3. Cosby's Garden Center is located at 4122 Sandy Cove Road, Liverpool, Nova Scotia, Canada. They can be found on the web at: