Monday, May 17, 2010

The Thrusting Sum and Substance

For the last three years I have said to myself "we really need to divide those hosta"! The trouble is, there are three of them and it would be such a huge job! Granny Bonnets were dancing around them today (Agulegia); the wild ferns bowed in welcome; and the Lily of the Valley scented their coming. This front bed was cultivated to be "sort of" a controlled wild woodland which suits it's surrounding towering backdrop of natural birch and spruce. The sun was just saying goodnight.

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  1. Why divide... the bigger the better is the way I look at it... if not suffering, they do draw the visitor's attention! Van Wade gardens in Ohio had a sum and substance 18' across... I assume is was comprised of several plants, but who knows... it did catch the eye! Larry