Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Too hot to work in the garden!

Yes, today I was supposed to work ALLL day in the garden. At about two o'clock, the thermometer in front of the house said ninety degrees. My head was aching, my heart was pounding, my face was a red and sorry sight...so I did what any sensible girl would do...had a cold shower and laid in the the hammock with the Chief.

The old plum tree was a mass of bloom, covered with bees, bugs and flitting birds. You can imagine the scent...heavenly.

The row cover has officially come off the early hardy greens; they had a nice deep watering tonight. In a few days, we will put in new seeds and hopefully, in a week, the plants we have been nurturing in the summerhouse can go to the big garden and grow.


  1. Holy Cannoli! I was the same...I couldn't believe it - it is ...well...weird! The woods smelled like July. My strawberries seemed ecstatic.

  2. Such odd weather... we go from frost to heat over and over again... but hammocks are a 'good thing' too!! Larry

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  4. Sorry, a mixup with my own post))).. Was saying to Larry...I was thinking he sent the Wisconsin wind up here, because it blew like the dickens the first half of the day.

    Jan, you were right about the smell...I couldn't believe it. Back to kind of normal today)))