Thursday, May 27, 2010

More travels with to the Historic Gardens in Annapolis Royal

Annapolis Royal was just the ticket for our British visitor. This beautiful town is celebrating a "300th year anniversary naming of Annapolis Royal", Honoring Queen Anne 1665-1714. The town boasts Fort Anne which was built by the British Army to defend the colonial capital from attack by sea. Although the Fort was a highlight, the true draw was the Historic Gardens. It is early season right now, but still lots to enjoy. Employees and volunteers were out in force, working hard in the awakening rose garden.

The horticulturalist was valiantly trying to carefully prune a huge Japanese Maple which had swallowed up the bed below.

The Laburnum walk was stunning, but the light was too bright to get a "great photo". Fortunately for me, a few laburnum seeds had germinated in the paving stones and I was offered four babies to take home.

Always on the lookout for garden art, and having worked in clay for a portion of my life, the following piece, I thought, was wonderful. For half a minute, I wondered, what a weird looking plant)))).

We will be sad to see our guest leave. It's always a good thing, to get out and about and explore your own Province... local towns and villages... and even better when you can share it with family from abroad.

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