Sunday, May 30, 2010

Miss Vicki's 17th Annual Garden Social and Plant Exchange

What a grand day! Miss Vicki has held a Garden Social and Plant Exchange for the last 17 years. I can't believe it...where have the years gone? Slipped away in garden madness I expect))))

Seriously...loads of friends, time to catch up, trade and talk plants..good eats and drinks starting at one. At two..the bell rings and you hustle outside to get those special plants you viewed earlier...lined up neatly and lovely, along the drive and in front of the garage. Sometimes a few very special plants disappear before the bell rings but we won't talk about that)))). Lots of photos are taken, as her garden is full and wonderful at this time of year.

Now a word here about Miss Vicki and her property just outside Windsor, Nova Scotia ...she has almost two acres of land; is a mite of a woman...but a giant of industry. Sure's not all weeded to the nth, and as she says...the plants go in and get watered till the first rain..after that, with her country well, then they are on their own. Best get used to it girls! But she does edge beautifully and you know how I love that))) and there is a vastness of cultivated beauty on her land that is soft and comforting and "old time" if you know what I mean.

You step back.. have a sit ...listen, and are deeply thankful for her effort ...her generosity ....her caring and sharing for seventeen years.


  1. Oh, I'm jealous! that sounds like such a lovely time. And she's my kind of gardener!

  2. What a fun experience! I need to win the lottery so I can spend the rest of the year touring other people's gardens. Miss Vicki's place sounds divine, especially if it's not 'perfect' like a magazine photo. We prefer real gardens...

  3. A real gem of amusement were the signs posted in beds or areas not yet attended to.... explaining what was "going to happen" and prompting us to IMAGINE!