Friday, May 21, 2010

The German Girls are Out and Partying!

They SOOO wanted out!! Their dream came true....roots tucked into chocolate cake soil and bone meal ice cream.

These German Golds were a sturdy lot! The seeds... well they were eight years old yet every single one germinated! They grew faster and stronger than all the others I started but how will they taste?...that's the question. Will they even make it through the night because if the raccoons smell that bone meal....((((( not happy days!!

The Sweet Peas are growing decently just to the right of the transplants......not growing as fast as the sugar snaps but not too bad! We continue to eat asparagus (on the left) about every two to three days, and greens are doing very well inside the vegetable garden. The long bed is lush and the ladies and gents below can't wait to join in the garden frolic!

....tomorrow go out to play)))

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