Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bancroft Farm..Garden in a BOX???

So how's this for ingenuity and garden spirit? Bancroft Farm, New Brunswick, Canada, is sharing a new concept for container gardening. Graeme Bancroft constructed small greenhouse boxes, germinated his seeds in soil blocks and placed them all together in the boxes as herb selection or garden veg selections! The only thing I have to do, is take care of the babies till they are big and strong and then, plant them out in the garden. I love it! Easy peesey as they say..)))

Saltscapes was great! Being a gardener, I would have liked more garden content. Jodi was there, and gave a great presentation. There were a few garden booths, and my fav garden fire pit booth, but I must admit, Graeme gave me that spark of green inspiration and hope,... a young man knowing the value of good honest home grown food, and a commitment to making his young farm prosper.


  1. Oh, I'm so glad you posted this, Brenda! I didn't get to it because I had to go hang out with my team from Saltscapes tonight and now I'm just too tired. I'll let him or his Mum know in the morning when I get there. So good to meet you finally too, and I do hope to get down to visit sometime later this summer.

  2. Will look forward to a visit most especially if the sweet pea wall "happens". Went by Graeme's booth today,... three hours before closing he was pretty well sold out of absolutely everything! Remarkable! But I am not surprised))) Thanks Jodi.

  3. Hi - I saw that - it was lovely. But I didn't bite because well - I have enough things growing inside now and no room to put anymore. I thought it was a lovely show but not enough gardening stuff. I figured that may be because this is the busiest time of year for landscapers and gardeners...wish I'd known where to find you - we could've had tea and a bicky and chatted about GROWING THINGS!