Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Shocking Beauty

I have a great fondness for purple highlighted with acid yellow, black and mauve and even a little pink thrown in to lighten.

The Rheum Palmatum Atrosanguineum is just "rising" in all her glory.

This is one plant Thomas Hobbs admires in his book..."Shocking Beauty". He states, "it rises from a bed of harmless Forget Me Nots, in Rosemary Verey's garden at Barnsley House" in England. The photo in his book moved me to buy it, although, it doesn't rise to the magnificence it should, for lack of moisture when the season get's growing.


  1. We share a similar fondness for purple with yellow/gold/acid gree/mountaindew coloured foliage, Brenda! I have this and it's also starting to act stately, and it's highlighted by a gold-foliaged tansy, Chardonay Pearls deutzia, and one of the gold ninebarks--possibly Nugget. Lots of moisture where I plunked my rheum after I dug it up from another spot where it was just too overpowering for the site.
    Everything is leaping ahead so fast...

  2. Brenda, I love that plum tree.