Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day in Windsor, Nova Scotia

It's been one of those rainy, sunny, still and breezy spring days. I am pining for a Magnolia tree so in the absence of having one of my own to photograph....sigh....This was taken at the Windsor Exhibition grounds today, home of the annual Giant Pumpkin Regatta weigh off. Windsor's very own Howard Dill developed the Atlantic Giant Pumpkin grown by competitors all around the world don't Ja know!

I am also including a photo of blooms on another tree at the exhibition grounds; "sock it to you lime green"! If anyone can identify, would be pleased to know what kind of tree this is. Could it be a type of maple?

Driving home along the old Windsor Road, a flock of ten or more Guinea fowl pranced across the road in front of the car. This is not a usual occurrence in this neck of the woods))) . Feathers almost flew!!... it was one of those "take time to smell the roses" moments. Life is good.


  1. What zone are you and what's the ph of the soil... alkaline/neutral/ or acid? The tree does look like a maple to me. Larry

  2. Wow, look at that magnolia photo!! Too pretty.

  3. Thanks Larry. I will likely visit there next month and see leaves))). It is in a Zone 5...think that's your zone too. Did you notice what appears to be raceme stems? Oh well, will just have to visit again. There were about five trees lining the road.

    Denise, glad you liked the photo)). Gotta g'it me one of those Magnolias!