Sunday, April 11, 2010

They're UP! Asparagus memories..

It's the eleventh of April here in Nova Scotia and two of our asparagus babies are up out of the ground. You know I was on my belly in the compost to take this photo don't you!! "Memories of Asparagus"...well, where I grew up, I don't think many folks knew about, ate or grew asparagus. It certainly never appeared on our dinner plates at home. My husband says his dad liked the canned ones...but to tell you the truth, neither of us knew how they grew..until we became farm caretakers on Saltspring Island in the 70's. "Malcolm, what is that growing in the field over by the arbutus tree?"...that very next day, with guidance from the Joy of Cooking, we had those puppies steamed, wrapped in sliced ham, drizzeled with sour cream (hint of blue cheese), baked in the oven and down our neck!!! We were hooked, and have never looked back. Eleven years ago after moving here, we planted asparagus first, before much else went in this garden. When I saw those two tiny brave hopefuls today, pushing through the soil, I remembered chapters in our lives, dinners shared, memories of a farm life past and so much more. We can't wait for..spring grilled steamed lightly with a dressing of white miso...must stop)))...I'm getting hungry!


  1. Nothing like fresh asparagus !
    Are you originally from the West Coast ?

  2. We used to live there...two thirds of the team were born there)))