Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hearts and Stars...Epimedium

I am not great at remembering "proper" names of plants...sorry..and sorry again. Yes, I have good days here and there when I can give you a Latin name, ...when it dribbles right off the tongue and I astound myself, and surely it must impress whoever is visiting. But, those days are far and few between. I never knew a common name for Epimedium so I was kind of forced to remember the word. A few years ago, we planted three in front of the hostas surrounding the old plum tree's trunk. I learned, in early spring, we should cut off all last year's old growth, and if we did, their beautiful flowers would uncurl from the earth and the hearts of leaves would follow.

Googleing tonight (trying to find the proper named variety of Epimedium in my garden) I found out this is an herb that has long been considered an aphrodisiac.

So... that's why it looks like hearts and stars!

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