Monday, April 26, 2010

Recycling in the Garden and a plug for Saltscapes))

We do make an effort don't we, to do the best we can when it comes to recycling. The cauldron in this photo takes care of wood and garden debris. It also keeps a few good witches happy with flame while enjoying a libation. Did you notice, this is a recycled propane tank, turned on its top? It's artistically sculpted by Kevin of Cape Breton. "Twist of Iron Works" sculpts these outdoor fire pits. Instead of fire licks, you might like loons or lobsters; Celtic knots or fish! Make a note if you are interested ..visit Saltscapes in Halifax, Nova Scotia this coming weekend. Our blooming writer Jodi will be there!! Not to be missed))) ...

Taste, view, and join in celebration of all that is SO GREAT about Atlantic Canada! Am so enthused!! Can't wait!!


  1. You certainly do have a beautiful place... I love all the white, but must say if wouldn't remain so for long out here in farm country... so much dust in the air from passing machinery, etc. Larry

  2. Thanks so much, Larry. Before we know it, the white will deteriorate to a lighter shade of green from the pines and firs. Painting is required about every three or four years. You won't see the fence for the garden by middle of summer))if all grows well.

  3. WOW this picture should be in a Garden Magazine. Really Brenda it's picture perfect. Can't wait to sit around the fire pit once again and enjoy your beautiful garden along with a "libation"

  4. I can't wait either..hope you can visit again soon.

    Blush...thanks for the compliment..Now wouldn't it be nice to have one of my photos in a garden magazine.. I wish)))