Thursday, April 8, 2010

Recreating The Sweet Pea Wall

I think most gardeners have a special accomplishment they are proud of and I would have to say ours was "the year of the sweet pea wall" in 2005. We had started out a few years earlier growing these beautiful flowers, loving the scent and color. So, daring all, we planted about twenty feet of sweet peas at the very back of the garden. Their support was rather sucky and weak, but we didn't care...we had "a vision"! Last year, we built a proper support and this year, well, we'll try to recreate 2005. I planted one section of the wall with pea seeds about three weeks ago, and they have germinated under the soil, but not up yet. Inside, we have started a variety in Jiffy 7's; I have never tried starting peas this way before. Just in case that's a failure, I will plant the rest of the seeds in the garden. You'll hold my hand while we wait won't see if the sweet pea wall can be recreated.

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  1. those sweet peas are incredible!! sooo much color! can't wait to see this year's ;) - denise