Monday, April 19, 2010

Whitefly day!

You might remember that cherry tomato plant, herein after called "the guilty one", whose "glam" photo appeared in a past post. Oh sure, it offered lovely little ripe cherry tomatoes to seduce us AND the dog, into not noticing it had white fly! The lady bugs must have been doing a fantastic job the last few weeks, but, they flew away didn't they!! We had the windows open on the sunny days and off they went, leaving Bren with a huge chore today. Well it is all sorted now..the guilty one is chop chop...roots remain in the pot..will it survive? Rest assured, the pot no longer resides in it's former abode.

I have taken as many precautions as possible. There are a lot of baby tomato plants whose lives are at stake here. For instance, the big rainbows transplanted today "This heirloom is renowned for it's flavor as well as beauty. Ruby red color radiates from the blossom end creating streaks of red and yellow throughout the hefty fruit". Will I ever taste a nice big slab of this beauty on fresh bread with basil mayonnaise? SIGH...

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