Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Confessions of an edger...

It has been a full month today since Bloggo was created. What an adventure! I have read so many fantastic posts, visited so many wonderful blog gardens... thank you. Thank you most especially to those who follow, those who visit and those who stop by and comment.

Who knew a month ago, I would be walking around thinking..mmmm...would that be interesting...would anyone really care to see this or read that...)))).

The blog was started in part, to keep two very special loved ones who live "away", in touch with a garden they visited but had not seen, growing through the seasons. So herein lies my first "true confession"...I am an edger! Yes. it says a lot about my personality! Tonight, doing "walk about with him and Stink"...I realized the sad truth...I love that edged look! What can I me as I YAMMM..)))


  1. Right on! I am too, although I haven't got to them yet this season... and it's the first thing visitors notice about my gardens! It really makes all the difference in my opinion... Larry

  2. I love it! I've always wanted to be an edger but have always been too lazy. I just stare at the soft lines in my garden, trying to will them to edge themselves. So far, nothing.

  3. The edged beds look awesome, Brenda! LSS does some edging for me but has to be in the mood, of course, or bribed with fresh coffee or muffins or other treats. Plus, the more edging I do, the less lawn there is, which is fine by me.