Friday, April 16, 2010

It's just work work here the past few days. Lots of plants greening and growing; not a huge amount in bloom but all are "springing sprightly" just the same. Primroses are starting to make a show, but nothing substantial yet. Buds on the old twisted plum tree are swelling, as are lilacs and more....really, not much to volunteer except, my hands are sore;.. preened and fluffed the veg garden in earnest today. Deliver more compost please, Captain!!

One little shining beauty is Pieris japonica 'Valley Valentine'. I don't think we have had this much bloom ever. It is the only plant I have seen bees gathering nectar from so far.

As I said....tired hands, can't type much more...where's my Dream Cream...AHHH..lovely..

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