Friday, July 16, 2010

Tomato Update

The garden is doing what it's supposed to do, and that is.... growing...enjoying the rain and sun. This year is a banner year so far,... such an early spring and such great temperatures here in Nova Scotia, so credit can't rest with the grower too much! Not that there hasn't been challenges, but best to focus on the present and hopefully a good tomato crop in the future.

Right now, La Roma above, (seeds from West Coast Seed), are starting to fruit.

There are also good size fruits on the Sweet Million Cherry tomato plants, and German Gold. Speaking of which, the latter have really outgrown their supports, but thank goodness the stalks are strong. Still, the Captain thought a little more support would be useful, so he fashioned some long metal rods which he turned at the ends...four along each side of the German Golds and then threaded a rod down each side at the top. Perhaps you can see what I mean in the following photo. Total cost was thirty dollars. (Remember my earlier post about the book The $64.00 Tomato by William Alexander...think we are about twenty dollars a tomato so far )))))) just teasing.

The supports could be made stronger and a stop needs to go at the end of the rods, but for now, it is wired together and so we can tie to this for added support. We keep watching the stalks for signs of blight, but lucky so far. I guess we are all keeping our eyes on our tomato plants as they can run into trouble so quickly.

The raised beds where we have more tomato plants...Purple Calabash, Scotia, Black Carbon, Speckled Roman and Big Rainbow....well that seems to be working out really well. I do pinch out and tie those that need doing and am trying to be faithful to that, but it gets away from you ...ya' know)))).

While we can't take a long rest from the garden, ours seems to be entering a time of "just watch me now" while it says, "go on...go over there...lay in the hammock and read why don't you!..I'm good!"


  1. You've named so many tom. varieites that I am overwhelmed and can't wait for you to showcase them.

    We grew a plum variety of tomato called San Manzano last year. When we cut into it to taste, we thought it tasteed horrible, only later to realise that they were cooking tomatoes and cooked: on pizzas, as sauce etc they were delicious. I am assuming your Roma toms are similar.

    I am so envious that you can grow toms. outside. In Scotland, that is impossible.Saying that I do have three plants growing outside, up against the fence.
    Have a lovely weekend, watching your garden grow is rather therapeutic.

  2. They look so gorgeous - and healthy! You'll love Big Rainbow (assuming you haven't grown them before).. they're huge and streaked with red and yellow and they taste like you just sprinkled sugar on them.. sigh..