Thursday, July 22, 2010

Robins, Tomatoes and Sunflowers..New Beginnings

It was a stellar day. The Captain came inside the house, early afternoon.."the robins are leaving their nest". Those of you who follow this blog, know the robins nested right above our front door in the Virginia Creeper and for weeks we have been on eggshells trying to be quiet... Well...the first babe flew and landed on the upper deck looking so sorrowful...those early feathers must itch terribly!! Watching carefully for mom..he was not ready to take the big flight into the trees for a few hours yet!!

Mom worked hard finding food and meanwhile both she and dad would land and try to entice this first fledgling to take to the air.

For our UK friends who have their dear English robins,..ours are quite differerent, so I hope you like the photos for comparison.

There were two babes ready to fly, but number two was going not..not flying!! But by six o'clock..being ignored by the parents..he was perched on the edge of the nest..and finally fluttered down to land on the vehicles..."come on then" the parents said..and away it went finally...SIGH.. Number two sure looks fed up and grumpy))))

Back to the garden..and quite a shock to discover our first red cherry tomatoes...Sweet Million...!! The Chief got one (remember he is in love with cherry tomatoes) and the Captain the other. Two others are ripening further on the kitchen window sill.

When closing the garden gate, I realized, the sunflower the birds (it's always about the birds)))) planted was open...and not just any ole yellow one..but a deep choclate burgundy with bronze tips.

Like I said..a Stellar day...! babies, new fruit, new flowers..all good!


  1. Brenda,
    What an exciting day you have had. I just love seeing the robin pictures and reading your story about them! You got some great pictures, those babies are so cute, even if number two looked a bit grumpy! Also love that big beautiful sunflower!

  2. Hi Brenda, your robin photos are wonderful!

  3. Stellar indeed Brenda! Thanks for sharing the robin pics… yes living in the UK I do love to see your robins :-D

    What a treat to know that they have nested and fledged in your garden… it must have been hard to keep quite in this area for them. Hope grumpy is happier now :-)

    The tomatoes look yum as does the wonderful colour of that bird sown sunflower… delicious! Wishing you a stellar week ;-)

  4. Thanks everyone, it was so great to share this day, and since the robins fledged, I have seen them in the back garden, easily SPOTTED!! )))

  5. So...what is that building in the background of this wonderful baby robin pic?

  6. Dear Erin...the baby robins had nested right over the door of the house, which has grey siding. The last photo shows our garden house, where I start my plants in the spring, and use as an outdoor room in summer and winter. It's sunny, but not "greenhouse" sunny. Thanks for asking.