Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Blight and Carrots

My horoscope said "you could be lulled into a false sense of security in the week ahead". mmmm...maybe I should check the tomato plants once again to be sure all is well...NOT! The dreaded blight has hit! All that rain, and then the heat and humidity...while it's just the German Gold's right now, it can spread so fast to the rest. We accept our fair share of blame however, as those GG's were planted too close together.

So what to do? I hate to use anything on my plants, and I mean anything, even during signs of disease, hoping nature will take care of all. However, this year we are really really hoping to get a tomato crop and so, I sprayed with copper after removing and destroying all diseased leaves. We sure hope that works. It is confusing reading sources who say it's organic... not organic, toxic and kills all bugs..does NOT...says the responder. Sigh...should have had a science degree))))

On a brighter note...The Rainbow Mix Carrots (with a few Purple Haze in this photo) are just at their prime, gently crunchy, full of flavor, and really, in my mind, best eaten raw!

Mango Cheeks, whose blog I follow, has some great recipes for carrots, so if you are looking for inspiration as I am, let me recommend her blog Allotment 2 Kitchen.


  1. So Sorry to read about the blight. We had it hit the tomatoes last year and to salvage what we had we just removed all the diseased leaves and hoped for the best. Soem were excellent, others not so.

    Your carrots look blooming marvellous! On a happier note - no sign of carrot fly at all. This is what I call a real success. My husband will be envious.

  2. Your carrots look beautiful! The purple is amazing. I will check out Mango Cheeks blog for some recipes.

  3. Also wanted to say Thank you so much for mentioning my blog in your entry. I'm honoured. Thank you GardeningBren.

  4. Oh no, not the dreaded B-word ! So sorry to hear about that. We had it last year. This year's been hot and dry here so fingers crossed it won't hit. Your carrots are lovely !