Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Night Garden

Seed pods from the baptisia are trying to dry...

It's evening here..humid and warm after a long hard day's rain.


  1. This is a delightful picture, I love the lighting. So calming and cooling ..... just what we need during this hot, humid spell!


  2. Wow, Brenda, my baptisia is still blooming. Guess my foggy garden is still being everyone else, even though it's been hot and sunny and rainy the past week or so.

  3. I don't often venture into my garden at night. I should do so more often. This is simply lovely to look at and very calming too.

  4. Thanks Michele, Jodi and MangoCheeks for your comments.

    Michele..that was how I was was a long day)). Your comments are always so supportive, both from you and Andy.

    Jodi...your baptisia is still blooming..well lucky you!! The fog is a good last longer don't you think!! Even though July is the foggiest month in N.S....we haven't had as much as we usually get here on the South shore.

    When are you coming to visit and not shop???(big smile)

    MC...night time is so magical in the garden...however tonight, the neighbours are setting off fireworks, so it isn't always quiet or calming!!(smile)