Sunday, July 4, 2010

It's a Beautiful Life...

Well a birthday in our house, is tucked between Canada Day July 1st and the USA's Independence Day, July 4th. So.... we've been busy with friends and family, lovely treats and sweets, enjoying kindness and good cheer. Counting our blessings)))

After everyone left, we felt lost.... quiet time...a stroll around the garden ... the sweet peas were kinda' struggling..maybe leaf mold and a good shake of lime would perk them up.... perhaps a rake to take the crust off the soil ..fluff it up!!

The tomatoes were coming on fairly well...the German Gold's above on the left; I now think, I should have put them in the raised beds because they are so large and strong...more support is needed.

Below, those in the raised beds are doing alright, and fingers crossed...will continue to thrive but not like the German Gold.

...the newly planted marginally heat tolerant lettuce have germinated...(yes it's an experiment)!

...the Cambridge Scarlet monarda (bergamont/bee balm) is just beginning it's bloom and already the territory is being highly defended by a large male ruby throated hummingbird ...

...a robin is nesting above our front door in the Virginia Creeper and with all the coming and going this weekend..she is still hanging in to follow if I can manage...loads of bird babies "crying" know how they shudder their wings which means feed me, feed really is a magical time of the year. Birdsong in the morning is truly beautiful and comforting.

Forth planting of beans now...please don't mention the word..earwig.....sigh...well like us..they are here for a purpose...

All and all...the garden is coming together full of hope with a strong foundation.

Happy July 4th to our USA friends!! ...most especially D.


  1. Nice post. Gotta know what kind of cake is that on the right?? Looks great. And, how old is the birthday girl?


  2. I am not saying how old the bday girl is but she is no longer a girl...)))))...heading into mother in law land...

    Cake...sponge..banana cream filling...strawberries on top with a decadent full cream topping...yup..had my share...)))

    Just a note..found three sweet pea blooms today in the garden, with color, just thrilled!! Scent anticipation...

  3. Happy birthday to the birthday girl! Your garden is looking fantastic, Brenda. I'm getting to the end of my book struggles at long last. Hurray hurray hurray.