Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Peas Between the Goal Posts

Suddenly they were off and climbing way too high! The peas have been a success this year; that has not always been the case. These are Peas Sugar Snap TM (edible Pod) from a Canadian company that's been around since 1896 (although owned since 2006 by Jiffy). www.mckenzieseeds.com

When McKenzie said they were a "very tall plant and may require support"..did they know the Captain would eventually have to raise the goal posts as in the above photo, and run wire from side to side, and just to be sure, he had to measure the tallest...9' he was pleased to relate))).

Now how on earth can we possibly pick those without a step ladder? So here's a question and replies appreciated.....I'm thinking if the peas were topped at about six feet, wouldn't the radials grow more and produce just as much as an impossible to pick nine feet. Makes sense to me and none of this goal post business!!

By the way, this variety of sugar snap pea is delicious and prolific.


  1. This is a beautiful picture. And, I'm not sure if Andy or I already commented on the new background and colors of your blog! I really like it, it looks great!

  2. Love the photo Brenda! My Super Sugar Snaps are also 7+feet tall! But, the flavour is sooooo good - crisp and sweet! When the kids go outside, they're drawn like a magnet to the peas.. just don't tell them that they're good for them! :)

  3. Wow, Brenda...just...wow! What IS it with you and pea-related plants? Must be the cool air, right? They're fabulous.

  4. (Blush)...such lovely comments...thank you Michele, Niki and Jodi..

    Jodi...Do pea related plants like being near salt air???....))))... maybe??? and yes, could well be the cool nights (although not lately))

    Niki,..I didn't taste a pea from the vine until I was a GROWN up. What a blessing that your children can enjoy candy from the vine.

    Michele, a compliment on one of my (actually the Captain's) photo from you or Andy is high praise indeed. The photos on your blog are spectacular!

  5. Also, your entire layout and look and feel of the garden, the white picket fence, the trellis, the amazing plants---it's out of a fairy tale. Well done, Bren, just awesome!