Thursday, July 1, 2010

How to Make a Bed, Lilac Style...

Those who follow this blog, know we have a very special affinity to lilacs. Both of us, love their scent... it fills us with special memory, all good! However, it seems it's "the lilacs who suffer" when spring has awakened so many other plants, and the vegetables need putting in and so much else needs doing. We bury our face in the lilac's magnificent blooms... admire and love their beauty..but do we take good care of them? .....mmmm.

Their poor bed is the last we attend to and here it is... on into the summer and we have only just got around to it. Some doesn't get done! However..leaf miner and the miserable state of the edging made us promise..this week FER SURE! Poor bed..what a place to lie in....

Lilacs are now forming their buds for next year's blooms, and those here are likely just kicking up their roots in happiness in today's application of lime and sifted compost. (the Captain has this idea for a home made primitive and likely challenging rotary sifter compost drum and thinks he can make some bucks with it..but that' s another story)))). So the lilacs have fresh new sheets, and a nice comforter. know how that feels right!!!

Night night Beauty of Moscow and Charles Joly......zzzzzzzzzzz (no hanky-panky now!)


  1. my lilac that we transplanted from another place has not bloomed yet. Each year I think NOW you'll flower but each year, nunh unh!
    come on over to Living the Complicated Simple Life for an award there ducky!

  2. Wow! That looks so sharp - Can you come do my beds too?! :)