Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dusk in the Garden

The Seagrass mosquitoes are fierce about nine-thirty at just before the "big bite time", we had a quick walk through the garden.

Whites were just starting to glow...the air still and quiet, birds gone to bed. The squirrels are hunkered down in their nests and thankfully, the loud earpiercing sound of the chipmunks has stopped. Ahhhhhh....bliss.

The pond is our quiet place; we like to sit with our feet in the water during the hottest of summer nights. The goldfish don't seem to mind.

I don't have photographs of the Captain and son, digging the pond with their shovels, or photos of the layers and layers of newspapers they used, placed under the "recycled" (and free) liner with holes we had to seal, and nor do I have photos of the local firemen with their truck who filled the pond with fresh water from a nearby stream all for a donation of sixty dollars...but I have the memories, and the photos while not hard copies, are there in my heart and soul, to enjoy while my toes are wiggling in the water.


  1. What a lovely post, Brenda. Isn't dusk a great time in the garden? But here, the Scotts Bay mosquitoes have been appallingly awful as well, and that's extremely unusual. It's just an odd year, and I usually love the evening garden.

  2. Sounds as if you all are enjoying family time.