Saturday, October 9, 2010

To Sit, Watch and Listen in the Garden

Today, a surprise late blooming Actaea, was a fountain of pure delight for the Red Admiral Butterfly. I understand there are two broods of Admirals if the season is kind, and, since our Actaea's were already spent, not only was it a surprise to find this one in bloom, but also, covered with bees, bugs and these beautiful October butterflies. How did I miss this...?... I guess I know why.

Sometimes, I just need to sit down, ...sit and not the garden. I don't do it often enough..too much to do. But today...with the chill of the night and morning having passed, the heat of the afternoon sun felt good on my I sat on the old camp bench...watched and listened.

For some of us, the garden will soon be asleep under the snow. Take the time for a "Me" day in the garden...get back to the why you garden, and the wonder of your garden, and cherish it's joy. I think, our gardens would like that..... to quietly visit with you. today, for me...perhaps she will say thank you.


  1. Yes, we all need to just sit and not move sometimes...unfortunately, I haven't even been outdoors in the garden for the past couple of days because the wind just won't stop blowing. Maybe tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving, windy or not!

  2. These butterfly pictures are so pretty Brenda! I agree, I love to sit quietly out in the yard.

  3. Brenda, have done some checking with my 'butterfly experts' and you did have a Red Admiral in your garden.Beautiful photos. It was a great summer for butterflies.

  4. My comment just disappeared Bren. Not sure so I say again ... Lovely post and how lucky to have your dashing Red Admiral as a visitor. ;>)